Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Are you reaching your intended Target Market? Marketing Lesson via Text Message

The other day, I was with a business colleague and friend, Jeff Wallen. We were waiting to meet someone for a lunch meeting when he received a text message on his iPhone. (And we all know how brilliant I think the iPhone marketing is! but I digress...)
Anyway, the text said "It was good to see you the other night Beautiful." Hmmm. Jeff, being a tremendous networker, wasn't sure who it could be. He didn't recognize the number, not to mention that he's a married man and who would be texting him calling him "beautiful?"

So we decide to have a little fun and send a text message back that would be cryptic enough not to give away that he had no idea who it was. The reply that came back from the original sender made it very clear that this was coming from a man who was trying to hit on a girl he met over the weekend. So then we decide to have a little fun and play along for a few minutes. We finally revealed the truth to this poor man who was texting the wrong number.

But the whole thing really reminded me of so many marketing efforts out there. I see it all the time: people with well-intentioned marketing, but they are missing their target market all together.

Don't let your marketing become like this poor guy's text messages: Great Message, Wrong Audience. Make sure you are sending your great marketing message to the people who will actually benefit from it!

If you're not sure who your message is hitting, or if you are unclear as to who your target market even is, then let's talk. But in the meantime, don't face the same embarrassment and wasted time that this poor guy with the wrong number did!
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