Friday, March 27, 2009

Stand Out From The Crowd

We've all heard about figuring out what makes our businesses unique, but what about the person behind the business? Whether you are self-employed, an employee of a large company, or an independent contractor hired to represent a company, it's YOU that the prospect is really sizing up. Whatever your business is, you have competition. And there's always someone out there that can provide your service or product better, faster, cheaper than you.

But there's one thing your competition doesn't have:
So what makes you, as a person, unique? What talent do you possess that makes you good at what you do. What is it about you are people constantly complimenting? Whatever trait just came to mind, go with it! Make it the shining focal point of any meeting you have, whether with long-time clients or brand new prospects. Differentiate yourself from your competition by building on your personality traits.

People don't want to do business with companies. They want to do business with relationships. So give them the side of you that makes you a desirable person to be in a relationship with. Let yourself shine, and people WILL respond.

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