Friday, June 27, 2008

Improving your Business Relationship Tip of the Week

In my weekly newsletter, I feature a weekly tip on how to improve your relationships. This newsletter is focused on business relationships, but could even help in your personal ones. And if it does, consider it a bonus: no extra charge! (Which is funny, because the weekly newlsetter is free. But I digress...)

So I've copied this week's tip. I launched the newsletter on Wednesday, to overwhelmingly positive response. There's also a fun contest running to help me name the newsletter. If you want in on that, look over to the right of your screen. Right under my picture is a place where you can subscribe for my weekly newsletter. Feel free to join in on the fun!

At any rate, enjoy the RelationTip below!


This week's tip:

Be Yourself!

No one wants the fake version of you. No one.

Of course, I'm not suggesting you let it ALL hang out. There are different versions of ourselves, and it's never OK to let the "Out partying with guys" side of You show itself when you need to have the "Professional in a Boardroom Meeting" side in play.

If I'm going to build a relationship of any kind, I need to be me. That doesn't ever really mean ALL of me. After all, the "Me" that my daughters see will not be the same "Me" that shows up at a networking event.

Ha! Just thinking about this makes me smile. There's a game I play with my kids called Talk Like. At random, on different days, we will declare the day to be Talk Like a Pirate day. Or Talk Like a Southern Belle day. Could you imagine if I showed up at a Networking event on Talk Like a Pirate day as the "Me" that my kids see?

"Arrrr Matey, give me yer business er else I'll make ye walk the plank." Well...on second thought, maybe I should try this sometime. I guarantee you, no one at that event would forget me! The follow up phone call would be fun..."Hi, it's Jacki Semerau from SendOutCards. I don't know if you remember me or not, but I'm the one that was singing Yo Ho Yo Ho a Sale's Life For Me." Hmmm. Maybe Not.

Remember, It's All About You. If you want successful relationships, either personally or professionally, just be yourself.

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