Monday, April 26, 2010

What is Vital to your Speech?

Presentations and Public Speaking.  Getting "eyeball to eyeball" is paramount to connecting with your prospects and clients, as well as helping you establish authority and credibility in your area of expertise.

That's why I Can Relate Talk Radio had David Murray, Editor of Vital Speeches of the Day, as our Featured guest.  I met David at the Communitelligence Conference in Scottsdale, AZ.  David was one of the Keynote Speakers where he gave an insightful speech on what makes a great speech.  His insights are priceless to ANY professional giving presentations, whether to 3 people or 3,000.  So listen to this's 30 minutes of time well-spent!

A brief summary of David's interview:

  • The importance of Public Speaking as a part of your communication arsenal
  • The 3 Key Elements of any speech (Not what you might think they are...this alone is worth listening to!)
  • Mine fields to avoid in any speech
  • Importance of using your speech to persuade, not simply inform or inspire.
  • Advice on enhancing your speaking engagements
Don't forget to check out Vital Speeches of the Day's website.  This is an incredible resource, and one highly utilized by top speech writers and influential public speakers all over the world.  AND, if you haven't read David Murray's Blog, you don't know what you're missing!

A big thank you to David for sharing his amazing knowledge and expertise with I Can Relate Talk Radio Listners!

Remember, master the art of Public Speaking, and you open up an entire world of success.

Until Next Time, Jacki

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