Tuesday, March 12, 2013

iPad for Realtors: Contract to Close with D. Patrick Lewis

I'm hosting a class taught by D. Patrick Lewis called iPad for Realtors: Contract to Close.  I've hosted this class a few times, and all the agents who attend have GREAT feedback.

So I thought I'd blog about a few tips Patrick is dropping the class.

  1. The two must-have iPad accessories for Realtors:
    • External battery pack back-up.  There's nothing worse than showing property all day, finding the perfect home for your client, and then finding your iPad is dead when you go to write the contract.  But if you have the external battery pack, you'll be able to run your iPad and get that contract prepared, signed, and delivered to the listing agent right then and there.  Two cost-effective options that will meet your need as a Realtor are the New Trent iTorch IMP52D or the Easy ACC 4 USB Output Port.  Both are under $40 and will serve your real estate business needs.
    • A fabric tip stylus. Using a stylus is important when you're having clients sign.  However, you need to be careful which stylus you choose.  A rubber tip stylus can cause damage over time.  Choosing a fabric tip stylus like the Aponyo Click or BoxWave EverTouch makes it much easier for your clients to sign their paperwork on your iPad.
  2. Find what works for YOU and your clients.  
    • There are countless apps that you can use in conjunction with your iPad.  It's important to find the ones that you will actually USE, and will feel confident recommending to your clients.
    • Some of the apps that Patrick recommends using with clients:
      • HomeSnap.  This app allows your clients to take a picture in front of any home they're interested in.  Using GPS technology, HomeSnap will pull up all available information for that property.
      • AroundMe.  This app allows clients to find businesses, amenities, schools, and more within a radius of any home.  Great for buyers moving into a new area.
      • DropBox or Google Drive:  These cloud based apps help you keep your clients up to date on contracts, paperwork received, and any updates needed.  This way you clear up the back-and-forth email streams.
      • Skitch.  This app allows you to take a photo and annotate it.  Highlight features, point out concerns, show the handyman what needs fixing, etc.  Send the annotated photo to all interested parties.
There's SO much more!  But these couple of tips and resources will help you jump start your iPad use and efficiency for your real estate business.  If you're a real estate professional in the Scottsdale, AZ area and you'd like to attend our next class, contact me.  

If you're in other markets and would like to stay up to date on marketing tips, tools, and video courses offered by myself or my preferred resources, let me know!  I'll put you on my eNewsletter and keep you up to date.

Until Next Time, Jacki

PS: Here's a couple of books, CDs, and DVDs that could help in your marketing now.  



Susan Cunningham said...

Great tips, as always, Jacki. :)

Jacki Semerau said...

Thanks Susan! Patrick Lewis is a rock star when it comes to this stuff :)