Know Your Tools

What tools are you using on your journey to success?  If you aren't being systematic and finding the best resources out there, you're spinning your wheels.  This is my personal list of recommended tools to help you grow your business.

Business Planning:

Business Plan Pro - Your business plan is THE key to success.  Failing to plan IS planning to fail.  If you're not sure you need a business plan, read the post Planning Your Way To Success.  If you know you need a plan but actually putting one together intimidates you, use Business Plan Pro.  By far the most comprehensive tool to take you through the process, giving examples, categories, and suggestions along every step.

Creating and Cultivating Relationships:

SendOutCards - By far the best tool to help you appreciate the people in your life, professionally and personally.

Email Marketing:

Constant Contact - This email system allows you to fully customize your emails to maintain the same look and branding that is on your website.  Full reporting to track who is opening, clicking through, etc, and complete integration with your social media efforts. Free 60 Day trial, and prices starting at $15.00/month.

Small Business Solution:

Infusionsoft.  It's the BEST comprehensive solution for CRM, Email Marketing, Lead Capture, Direct Response, Marketing, etc etc etc.  I could go on and on.  I use this system for the Strong Single Mom Network and love it.  They have also released a Real Estate Specific platform.  Check out their FREE Small Business Scorecard.  It will grade your website and systems, then give you feedback on how to improve it.

All of the above tools are ones that I have personally used.  Each tool's ROI has been significant, and each has helped me grow my business exponentially.  I am compensated by each of these companies for referrals.  The formula I use to determine what tools I will recommend here and receive compensation on is:
Tool + Personal Use = Success
Success + Recommendation = Commission

Tool + Commissions available = Recommendation*
*Beware of ANY blog, internet marketer, coach, etc that recommends tools that he/she has not personally used and experienced successful results without disclosing that fact!