Saturday, September 27, 2008

How this Ninja Cat is like a good marketing campaign

If you haven't seen this viral video yet, check it out.

That cracks me up! AND it reminds me of a great marketing campaign. How so? Because a great marketing campaign has a lot that goes into the build up before it's actually in your face. And if done right, all the steps that took place to make it successful happen without you even noticing them.

Contact me if you're interested in hiring a Marketing Ninja to coordinate your next marketing campaign.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Do Marketing Dollars Spent Indicate Your Company's Survival? You Be the Judge

In reading about the direct effect that Wall Street's debacle might have on the advertising industry, I found an interesting statistic:

According to AdvertisingAge:

"...Merrill and Lehman are tiny players in the world of media spending. Lehman's spending was trimmed in recent years, falling to $1.2 million in 2007 and accounting for only $501,900 in the first half of 2008, according to TNS Media Intelligence. Merrill, likewise, is not a huge spender: $37.1 million in 2007 compared with $38.2 million in 2006."

Now, I get it...there's alot more here than the failure to make their marketing budget a priority. But if you want to read about the subprime loan crisis or the state of the financial industry, all you need to do is pick up any news publication printed over the past 2 years to find it. I'll not be beating that dead horse here.

However, I find it interesting that, in times of crisis, these large firms significantly cut back their marketing budgets. Have these companies budgeted themselves right out of business?

The article later goes on to discuss that Bank Of America, already a huge spender in the advertising arena, is now in a position to INCREASE their marketing dollar thanks to its absorption of Merrill Lynch.

"Bank of America's media spending increased to $406.2 million in 2007 from about $237.3 million in 2006, according to TNS Media Intelligence."

So many business owners think that Marketing is the first budget that needs a trimming when times get lean. Is it any wonder that when they cut Marketing, they begin a downward spiral that often times leads their business towards failure? Meanwhile, companies that thrive are the ones that people know about. The ones that give the appearance of success. How do companies achieve such recognition? It's all about the Marketing.

But maybe, being the owner of a marketing company, I'm biased. So you tell you see any correlation between success and effective marketing?

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

There's Power in Personalization: Article by Eileen Harris

Here's the last of the winning articles from the "I Can Relate: Business Relationship Tips" newsletter contest. This entry was received from Eileen Harris, a Realtor with Zip Realty. Eileen is a Real Estate Agent in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and other areas within the Valley of the Sun.

In her article, she hits on the importance of personalization in building her client relationships, and just how much it effects her bottom line. I hope you enjoy the article!



"There's Power in Personalization"

by Eileen Harris

As a Realtor, each month, I send out my company newsletter by email to all of the clients in my database. It is a well-written, informative newsletter that I enjoy reading each month and I'm sure my clients enjoy it as well.

Last month, I sent out 750 newsletters by email. My response: 4 clients telling me how nice the newsletter was and thanking me for sending it.

At the same time, I sent out 10 cards from my Send Out Cards account. Response: 1 client wanting to buy a $500,000 home!

Do the math: 4 responses to 750 emails = less than .01%

1 response to 10 personal cards = 10% (+ the potential for a big commission!)

Sending cards is a no brainer; just a couple of minutes and a few clicks can reap big benefits, personally and professionally. There is power in personalization. Send a card NOW and tell a few friends.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Visitor's Day at Entrepreneurs Networking for Change

It's Visitor's Day at Entrepreneurs Networking for Change!

We are an exclusive networking group that meets on a weekly basis to grow our businesses by referral, while also focusing on charitable fundraisers for our designated charities.

Visitor's Day

September 10th, 2008
11:30am - 1:00pm
Black Angus Restaurant
22nd St/Camelback
(located in the Town & Country Center)

Please RSVP to Jacki Semerau at
602-904-3454 or

Check below to see if YOUR business category is still available.
If you don't see your business, please contact me for more information!!

Please forward this on to anyone you know that matches the available categories
if you think they would like to grow their business by referral

Business Categories Still Available

CPA * Dentist * Employment Agency * Travel Agent * DJ * Appraiser
Photographer * Landscaper * Home Inspector * Home Improvement
Hairstylist * Plumber * Electrician * Life Coach * Cleaning Service
Jewelry/handbag/accessories Representative * Commercial Realtor * Painter
Promotional Products * Interior Designer * Automotive Sales
Fitness Trainer * Bookkeeper * Sign Company * Moving Company
Pest Control * Attorney * Home Warranty * Flooring * Aesthetician

Current Members

Paul Hershenberg - Financial Planner
Muki Ramsey - Acupuncturist
Jacki Semerau - SendOutCards
D. Patrick Lewis - Residential Realtor
Tami Horne - PrePaid Legal
Carl Ulbrich - Printer
Mark Barenbaum - Health/Life Insurance
Irene Courtney - P&C Insurance
Maria Van Olphen - Nutritional Products
Aaron Alvarez - Lender
Dave Martin - Auto Repair
Mike Van Zant - Computers
Dr. Steve Ely - Chiropractor
JoAnn Calvin - Cosmetics
Patrick Ray - Web Design
Mike Hengy - Payroll Services
Bob Beben - Supplemental Insurance
Eric Nutt - Banker
Lorraine Cain - Title and Escrow

Monday, September 8, 2008

Who's Your Marketing Company?

Do the people that handle your marketing remind you of this at all?

I saw this and thought it was way too funny (in a sad and accurate kind of way). - Watch more free videos

If you're looking for marketing that doesn't over-analyze, over-state, and over-use your budget, then check out

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Newsletter Article Contest winner Alan Underkofler

Here's another great article that was submitted into my "I Can Relate" Newsletter article contest. This was submitted by a good friend and colleague in SendOutCards, Alan Underkofler.

Alan and I met on the 2008 Eagle's Challenge Bahama's Cruise. We were two of the 80 or so distributors that won the challenge and were on the cruise back in March. We also happened to be on the same plane heading west...there's a picture of us on the plane back from Ft. Lauderdale.

Enjoy his insightful article on how building relationships is like the perfect cup of coffee.

Savoring the Investment IN a Relationship by Alan Underkofler

This morning I was up very early and decided I wanted a cup of coffee. My first thought was to take a quick shower, grab my laptop, and head over to my local Starbucks. As I was getting out of bed I realized I wanted something different… I really just wanted to enjoy a cup of coffee outside in the cool morning air.
Some of you reading this may know I am a goal oriented, multi tasking, crazy scheduled, always going in multiple directions type of person so getting ready and starting my day running is pretty normal for me.

Something about this morning, at this moment was a bit different… I was looking for a different approach or a different experience this morning. It hit me… where is that French Press that I used to love making coffee with?
As I entered my kitchen in search for my lost press I started to remember why I love it! Boiling the water, grinding the coffee, pouring the hot water over the coffee, letting it sit for a few minutes, finally pressing the plunger down to pour my perfect cup of coffee. Sitting outside I realized why I love this process so much.

So what the heck does this have to do with followup and why would I post my morning coffee experience here? Well as I was sipping my coffee listening to the morning sounds I realized how the process of my morning cup of coffee is very similar to the process of followup. It’s not always about the quick cup of coffee or the quick meeting of a new prospect. It’s about the process! When I take the time to really get to know a person, learning about them and their business, I get to enjoy the result.

Following up and building relationships is just like making the perfect cup of coffee. When we take the time and go through the entire process we can enjoy the result.

Tomorrow is the start to a brand new week. I might just start with another perfect cup of coffee.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Winner of the I Can Relate Article Contest - Blackberry Interpretation by Dave Segrove

I ran a contest in my weekly newsletter, "I Can Relate." The contest was to submit an original article that was relevant to the newsletter premise, which is improving business relationships. The winner of that contest was Dave Segrove, owner of JDE LTD. This blog entry is his article....enjoy!!!


An increasingly large number of my clients are getting Blackberrys (or is it Blackberries, mouses, mice, who knows) and other texting devices. After all, it's a tried-and-tested technology for those on the move. But speed and convenience seems to be leading to short replies that may be misinterpreted.

When your email is routed to your Blackberry and you want to reply, it's relatively straightforward: type and send. However, the nature of the devices tends to mean that quick, one-liners are the norm. I often get these in reply, with a message footer "Sent from my Blackberry". I know that a short and often abrupt-seeming reply is nothing more than that. Be careful, however, if you're replying to a client or someone who may be a little more sensitive.

Interpretation of email and text messages can be very mixed. I, for one, am guilty of misunderstanding a sentence or two as meaning something quite different than intended by the sender. The written messages don't reflect the tone of the sender, so it's prudent to take a moment and consider how the message may be interpreted.

Am I too concerned? Perhaps. But if someone sends you an email, for example "is this the best offer we can get" and you, caught up in a thousand other things, respond "yes" on your texting device, will your client think you're being a little abrupt...even rude because they're used to you explaining yourself in "regular" email or on the phone? Will they understand popular texting abbreviations like BRT, LMAO or CUL8R (I've seen this happen)?

As technology moves forward and communication gets quicker, it's easy to forget that what you meant to say and how it was perceived can be very easily blurred.

Don't text and drive!!