Sunday, September 14, 2008

There's Power in Personalization: Article by Eileen Harris

Here's the last of the winning articles from the "I Can Relate: Business Relationship Tips" newsletter contest. This entry was received from Eileen Harris, a Realtor with Zip Realty. Eileen is a Real Estate Agent in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and other areas within the Valley of the Sun.

In her article, she hits on the importance of personalization in building her client relationships, and just how much it effects her bottom line. I hope you enjoy the article!



"There's Power in Personalization"

by Eileen Harris

As a Realtor, each month, I send out my company newsletter by email to all of the clients in my database. It is a well-written, informative newsletter that I enjoy reading each month and I'm sure my clients enjoy it as well.

Last month, I sent out 750 newsletters by email. My response: 4 clients telling me how nice the newsletter was and thanking me for sending it.

At the same time, I sent out 10 cards from my Send Out Cards account. Response: 1 client wanting to buy a $500,000 home!

Do the math: 4 responses to 750 emails = less than .01%

1 response to 10 personal cards = 10% (+ the potential for a big commission!)

Sending cards is a no brainer; just a couple of minutes and a few clicks can reap big benefits, personally and professionally. There is power in personalization. Send a card NOW and tell a few friends.

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