Monday, June 16, 2008

Talk is Cheap: Gas Prices, Today's Economy, and Elections, Oh my!!

Have you noticed the shift in attitude lately? Does it seem to you that every time you meet with someone, talk inevitably goes to the following topics:

  • Gas Prices: Comments such as, "What with gas prices being what they are..." or "Can you believe it? Over $4.00 a gallon?" or maybe a more creative and sarcastic comment like "Ahhh. (said in wistful tone) Remember the good ol' days when filling up your gas tank still cost LESS than the car payment itself?"

  • Today's Economy: Often not a topic of conversation in and of itself, this one likes to simply infiltrate EVERY topic. No matter what you are discussing with someone, the obligatory sentence starter "Well, you know, in today's economy..." is bound to surface. If you are in sales of ANY kind, you hear this more often than most.

  • The 2008 Presidential Election: "Can you believe what (insert Obama or McCain here) said the other day? Why, they'll never make a good president saying things like that." Or maybe you're privy to just bashing in general. And fear is always a big factor..."If so and so is elected, I'm scared to live in the US anymore! Canada, here I come."

Personally, if I hear this hype anymore, I'm afraid my head will explode. Let's face it folks, no matter what the Media's Doomsday Darling Topic of the Day is, we all still need to go about our lives. I still need to buy the gas, so instead of complaining, I'll just choose to thank God for Visa. I still need to purchase products in "today's economy" and so I will just adjust my budget. I still actually LOVE living in America, the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, so I will vote and let the chips fall where they may.

Because in the end of the day, gas will level out. The economy will adjust. The country will march on no matter who is elected as our Commander in Chief. And as for all of us who are out there, trying to make a living as a self-employed entrepreneur, well, we still need to grow our businesses. And I, for one, am tired of the constant negativity that is bombarding us through the media, and then making its way into our everyday lives.

So hang in there, and keep on selling. These are the days that take an extra measure of creativity to make your business thrive. But if you hang on to your PASSION for your business venture, then people will still buy from you, no matter how cheap talk is, or how negative the news that bombards us every day has become.

So Until Next Time, STAY POSITIVE!



D. Patrick Lewis said...

Great post Jacki, so appropriate for this time. We have to stay positive to succeed!

Adamgv said...

Gas prices are waaay too high! We have videos of cars that run on water and magnetics! Total free energy!

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