Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just Say NO to Negativty

Wow. Have you been following the headlines lately? Unless you're living under a rock, how can you avoid them? (And for the record, if you DO happen to live under a rock, call me ASAP! I can refer you to one of the great real estate agents in my network! But I digress...)

A long time ago, I decided to boycott watching the news on television. I decided to get my news through the paper, online, and Twitter. I follow @cnn, @breakingnews, @kpho, @nytimes, and other news sources. All the headlines, in 140 characters or less. Why?

Because the news on TV continually bombarded me with sensationalistic garbage. To listen the the reporters, every day is just ONE step away from World War III, the earth imploding, or other such doom and gloom.

Now I'm not suggesting that the internet and newspaper don't have that same element, but at least I can skim over anything I find to be weighing too heavy on the negativity scale. So I have to ask, what are we DOING as a nation? Why are we sabotaging ourselves like this?

I'm not suggesting that the economy, housing crisis, and elections aren't very real. Nor am I suggesting taking a head-in-the-sand, rose-colored-glasses attitude. But maybe - just MAYBE - if we stop bombarding ourselves with worse case scenarios, they will stop becoming self-fulfilled reality.

Just a thought.

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