Thursday, January 21, 2010

Choosing Your Future - Les Brown shows us how it's done

Last week on I Can Relate Talk Radio's episode, "Bring It!" we talked about the 3 top things you can bring to your business relationships.  We ended with our Standing Strong Segment, which was to work on yourself, so that you are bringing the best version of you to each relationship you have.

I let you know that I had recently listened to Les Brown's Choosing Your Future speeches.  This is a 6-CD series that highlights the following steps to creating the future you dream of and living your true purpose:

It's Possible
It's YOU
It's Necessary
It's Hard
It's Worth It
It's Done

If you have never heard "The Motivator" speak, then it's time!  He is a powerful man with a unique and personable style.  I first heard of him last year, and was moved by his message.  A few weeks ago, a dear friend and I were talking, and she felt led to lend me this CD Series.  After listening, I believe this message is so relevant and right on track, that I'd like to encourage you to listen to this series of speeches.  It just might be the tool you need to change your life!

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