Friday, October 18, 2013

[CLASS] What the BLOG is Going On?

Ever wonder what the BLOG is going on?  Yeah, you're in good company with a lot of other real estate agents.  But it's not as scary, as difficult, or as confusing as you may think.  (And it's DEFINITELY not pointless like I hear some say it is!)

So join me
for a workshop on Tuesday (details below) and let's look at "What the BLOG is Going on?" 

We'll be covering the following key points:
  • Why blog in real estate?  Many classes focus on one reason to blog.  We'll be looking at several.
    If you think that the only reason to blog is to get high rankings on Google, you'll want to be at this class!
  • What should I be blogging in real estate? 
    It's not just listings...and it's not just words!  If you can't write, you should be at this class.  We'll look at other content that you can be using that will not require you to be Shakespeare.
  • How do I stay focused? 
    If you sit down at your blog and draw an immediate blank, we'll look at how you can avoid this by creating a content calendar.   
  • What's the point of real estate blogs?
      You'll be surprised at what a blog can do for you  
Date and Time:

Tuesday October 22nd from 1-3pm

AmeriFirst Financial Training Room

14350 N. 87th St. #310
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

If you'd like to join us regarding real estate blogging, please RSVP to me and letting me know you will be there.  I'll save you a seat! 

Until Next Time, Jacki