Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Every Four Years, I Mix Politics, Religion, and Business.

Four years ago, I wrote "Post-Election: Now What?"  The name of the Republican candidate may have changed, but the rest still rings true today.

What HAS changed is the American climate.  The candidate elected has already been in place for 4 years.  Some see Obama's second term as a chance to complete all the good things that were started that will save America.  Some see this second term as a chance to complete the destruction of our nation.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind both sides of the equation
that NEITHER of the above statements are true.  There will be good, there will be bad.  But isn't this the constant flow of life?  And isn't it  a bit overboard to anticipate that a government leader, entity, or party can entirely fix or destroy us?

Today we stand as ONE NATION.  That's right.  Like it or not, our leaders have been chosen through the collective voice of We The People.

As American's we have the RIGHT to voice our opinions.  But we also have the right NOT to voice destructive and hateful messages.  Having a right to say whatever we want also comes with the responsibility to speak on behalf of the greater good.

So on this post-election day 2012, I for one will exercise my right to focus on the positive.  I will appreciate the fact that this country is, indeed, still FREE.  And I will rejoice that NO ONE - no government entity nor any individual - has taken away my right to have SELF-CONTROL.

I will self-govern my time, effort, and energy into enhancing my relationships with my loved ones.  Into furthering the success of my business.  Into giving back to my community.  And above all else, into worshiping God who is sovereign and just.  Why?  Because I CAN.

Yep.  I can even still write a blog post that allows me to mix politics and religion and business and love!

I honor and respect my fellow Americans, and I look forward to a path that truly leads us to being One Nation, Under God.

And there you have it.  My political 2 cents - offered every four years!

Until Next Time,

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