Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Value of Rewards and Recognition

In your career as an entrepreneur, one thing that tends to go away is reaching for rewards and recognition. Back when I was in sales for a title company, I was first and foremost driven by the desire for bigger commissions. But sometimes, those monthly sales awards were a big motivator.

In SendOutCards, I am an independent distributor. However, SOC isn't a one-woman show. Quite the opposite. We currently have around 40,000 distributors in US and Canada...of which maybe 5% actually work it as a full time career. point is...SOC offers contests that allow rewards and recognition. This is HUGE for me. I need that added motivator at times.
The last contest was for a cruise to the Bahamas. And I'm really happy to say that I was on that boat! I just returned from a fantastic trip where I met some truly wonderful people, gained alot of insight for my business, and had the chance to see a part of the world I never had before.

So my question to you, one entrepreneur to another, is what are you doing to reward yourself? Maybe you are truly a one-woman show, and so there is no one out there offering you a cruise, a sales award, or otherwise. So what additional reward and recognition are you allowing yourself?

Don't get so lost in the daily grind that you forget to give yourself those added motivators. Reward yourself with a day at the spa when you land your top-targeted account. Or send out a newsletter to your sphere of influence when you hit a milestone in your business. I'd love to hear other ideas on this.

We have to hold each other accountable, and lift each other up. Don't get lost out there, adrift at sea all alone. Remember that there is an entire community of others in the same boat. You just have to reach out to them!

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