Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Business Relationship Tip of the Week: Appreciation above Self-Promotion

From my weekly newsletter dated 7/16/08....enjoy!
When we are trying to increase our profits, it's easy to think of getting in touch with clients and prospects to remind them why you are so great. We think of it as promoting. We think of it as advertising. We think of it incorrectly!

That's not to say that there is anything wrong with promotion or advertising. Quite the opposite. Remember, one aspect of my consulting is in helping business people create and execute marketing plans! But everything must be kept in it's proper perspective.

And there's a big difference between Marketing Opportunities and Relationship Building Opportunities. Many people confuse the two. And if you are thinking that you need to reach out to the people in your Sphere of Influence, then try thinking "Appreciation" over "Self-Promotion . Why? Because when you promote yourself to 100 people, maybe 10 of them will contact you, and maybe 1 or 2 of those people will actually close business with you.

However, when you reach out in appreciation to people who have either done business with you, or have somehow helped you in your career path, do you know what happens? They turn into evangelists about your services. Now they are busy spreading the word about your services. They are creating Buzz, and Buzz leads to increased business. They are actively looking to refer you, because they know if you treat them well, you'll treat their friends, family, and associates the same.

So this week's tip is to show your appreciation. Reach out the people in your business that you haven't thanked lately and let them know how grateful you are to them.

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