Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Winners of the "Name That Newsletter" Contest!

I am amazed by the creative thoughts and suggestions that have come through regarding the Name That Newsletter contest. I can assure you, making the decision on which name to choose was no easy task. In fact, it was so difficult, that I actually chose TWO winners and combined their entries!

Congratulations to the two winners:

Karen Kanefsky, who recommended Winners Relate.
Andy Kolton, who recommended Better Business Relationship Tips from Jacki

These entries inspired the official name of this newsletter:

I Can Relate: Business Relationship Tips from Jacki Semerau

This was a tough decision! I'd like to thank everyone who entered the contest...you had such wonderful and creative suggestions!

Allen Blaker
Andy Kolton
Anita Bell
Chef John
Jill Hall
Jim Kelder
Joanne Lipuma
Josephine Saineghi
Karen Kanefsky
Laurie Dickman
Mark Tait
Nicole Muench
Paul Hershenberg
Paul O'Brien
Robi Barkoff
Sherry Cornillie
Tammy Abernethy
Vicky Semerau

If I missed your name, please contact me immediately! I want to give you recognition as well!

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