Monday, August 18, 2008

Reach Out: Business Relationship Tip of the Week

We all have business relationships that are solid. And very often, we forget to reach out and nurture those solid relationships as time goes by. But these are the most important relationships we have, and so we shouldn't be neglecting them!

I know I am guilty this. In fact, many of you reading this may be thinking, "Ya know, it HAS been a while since I've heard from Jacki!"

The biggest factor is often a simple matter of time slipping by. How many times have we heard, "Wow, can you believe it's already August!?" Time flies by so fast, and even though it feels like it's only been a few days, it may have actually been a few MONTHS since you've last talked to someone important to you.

So stop letting time slip by you. Make a phone call, send a greeting card, or even just a short email. Let the people who are important to you KNOW it.

Jacki Semerau © Copyright 2008

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